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WhatsApp could be renaming Groups to be called Community

WhatsApp could be renaming Groups to be called Community

There is news going round that it’s possible that whatsapp would be changing the ‘Group’ string name in it’s App to ‘community’ this information was disclosed by XDA.

According to them they don’t know when the update will happen but it’s going to happen soon.  See Finish Read More   Read more here

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How to make money online

If you stumbled on this article it means you are looking for how to make money online. And in this part of my article I will be introducing you to ways you can make money online just by connecting the right dots.

First you need to understand that making money online requires great commitment and consistency, that’s the key to make a lot of money Online.  See Finish Read More   Read more here

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How to Earn a Good Income with Youtube

Today I will like to share with you how to earn a living using YouTube. Have you ever see ads showing while watching YouTube videos? Yes of course you have seen it a couple of times and have been asked to skip the Ads if you are not interested in watching.

I don’t think you have thought of it, why Ads show in the video is because advertisers are using that medium to advertise their business, using Google Adwords while Publishers who are also known as YouTube channel publishers are earning from the Ads when people watch the Ads videos. See Finish Read More   Read more here

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Central Bank chooses Barbados to design the eNaira, not a blockchain company in Nigeria

There was as update lately after the Central bank of Nigeria placed a Complete ban on Crytocurrency in Nigeria , the Central bank as moved on to say they will also be creating there own E-currency and called in E-Naira.

What is E-Naira ? This a online money and currency that would be launched soon by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) . See Finish Read More   Read more here

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N-Power: What you ought to Do If Your Dashboard Is Indicating Invalid BVN

Following the recent problems faced by the N-Power batch C applicants during the deployment process has prompted me to write down this text to elucidate because the meaning of invalid BVN on some applicant’s dashboard Signifies.

However, the N-Power batch C management has commenced the notification of some applicants, I’m some states for the deployment exercise. As such, some applicants are worried over the new changes they experience within the platform during the method of them checking their deployment status. See Finish Read More   Read more here

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How Students Will enjoy The Lifting Of The Ban On Twitter

The plan of the federal of Nigeria to lift the ban on Twitter may be excellent news to students and candidates of 2021 examinations (UTME, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB) in Nigeria. Before the ban, Twitter is that the main source of live updates from the examination bodies. Since the ban on the microblogging site, candidates need to depend upon third parties for updates because the examination bodies don’t operate social media accounts apart from Twitter.

Prior to the ban, the Twitter handle of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) was actively responding to enquiries on registration, collection of certificates, collection of results and varied other issues. As soon because the ban was effected, WAEC’s Twitter handle became inactive. This made it mandatory for people to visit WAEC offices for necessary enquiry. Checks show that the Twitter handle of WAEC in Nigeria (@waecnigeria) was last active on June 1, 2021. If the ban is eventually lifted, updates about WAEC examinations are going to be available once more. See Finish Read More   Read more here

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See Details of 10 Akwa Ibom Undergraduates Earn Halliburton Scholarship

10 students of Akwa Ibom State of origin in several tertiary institutions within the country are awarded the Halliburton Scholarship.

The scholarship scheme earmarked for STEM- (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)inclined undergraduates, was awarded on the idea of educational merit, which saw 10 out of the shortlisted applicants emerging tops after a radical examination and screening process. See Finish Read More   Read more here