A Ugandan lady has taken to Twitter to inform young men that they are on their own if they have nothing to show for after their 20s.

Sharon Godwin with the Twitter handle, @AlumBaeOfficial also asked young men to pay less attention to ‘Big Gbola‘, beards, handsomeness, FIFA scores, height as they won’t really take them far.

Writing further, Sharon made young men to understand that more attention will be focused on their income, employment, mentality, intelligence, ability to hold conversations, etiquette and family background.

Refer to her tweet below;

“As a man, if you don’t have anything to show for after your 20s, you’re on your own. Big d!c.k energy, height, beards, handsomeness & FIFA scores can only get u far. After 28, we look at ur income, employment, mentality, intelligence, ability to hold convos, etiquette & family background!”

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