Yesterday’s Eviction show was lovely, Tacha gave Seyi one shot seven Die when she said Seyi has not achieved what she has achieved at age 23yrs.

If we could remember that Seyi has insulted other people including Thelma a Ex-BBNaija Housemate. Read what he said below

Seyi told Thelma that her dead brother has carried all her destiny to the grave with him S to Mercy: Your entire generation cannot achieve what I have. According to her it still affects her mum at home.

Seyi was also seen insulting Mercy saying that all her linage can not achieve what he has achieved so far in life.

This compliments the final words of Ebuka when he said no one should dish out what they can’t accept or tolerate.

See the post from Thelma has regards how it has affected her Mum.

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