1. Father thank you for Starting a new thing in my life, thank you for another new era and spiritual dimension. Be thou praised forever in Jesus Name.

2. Father, search my heart today, try me and see if there be anything or idol that is not of you. Please take them out of my life in Jesus Name.

3. In the Name of Jesus, I come against every self glorification hindering what you’re set to do in my life, Father take all glory in Jesus Name.

4. Father help me to love you with all my totality. Help me to love you unconditionally in Jesus Name.

5. Father let my love for you wax stronger and stronger, help me to love you genuinely in Jesus Name.

6. My Lord, beyond my expectations, beyond my desires, beyond by cravings, please give me you. Take my desires, take my will, take my all and give me you in Jesus Name.

7. Father help me to know you beyond going to church, beyond gatherings, beyond prayer meetings, help me to know you more. Come and dwell in my heart, be evident in my secret place in Jesus Name.

8. In the Name of Jesus, whatever has made my secret place cold, Lord pay me a visit today and let there an ignition in Jesus Name.

9. Father activate my secret place with your fire and presence. Beginning from now I shall carry the presence of God in Jesus Name.

10. O LORD my God, today let them be a spiritual shift in my life, shift me to another level spiritually, push me to another realm in Jesus Name.

11. Father, in your mercy, help me to touch certain frequencies in the spiritual realm, let me experience the supernatural today in Jesus Name.

12. Father send down your revival upon me today. Revive back my altar today in Jesus Name.

13. O LORD my God, set me on fire, in the Name of Jesus. I refuse to be the same, I receive fresh fire from above today in Jesus Name.

14. My Father my Father, light me up again. Fan into flame your fire on my altar in Jesus mighty Name.

15. O LORD my God, rekindle me today. Take me to back to your original plan and purpose for my life in Jesus Name.

16. In the Name of Jesus, I come against every lukewarm spirit in my life, out in the name of Jesus. I refuse to be cold. I will burn and the world will see me burn for Jesus in Jesus Name.

17. In the Name of Jesus, as from today I begin to produce the fruit of the spirit. My life shall reflect Jesus all round in Jesus Name.

18. Father give me the grace to abide in you, help me to bring forth good fruit, and cause my fruit to abide in you in Jesus Name.

19. Father, I pray for anyone desiring to know you, today visit them and bring them to your knowledge and presence in Jesus Name.

20. Father, I pray for all those that are still living in darkness cause your light to shine upon them in Jesus name.

21. Any of my family members or friends (mention their names) that is yet to accept Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior, Father give them no rest until they come under the shadow of the Almighty in Jesus name.

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God bless you.

21. Your personal prayer request.

22. Sing thanksgiving songs to God for Answers to your prayers.

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