Today I will like to share with you how to earn a living using YouTube. Have you ever see ads showing while watching YouTube videos? Yes of course you have seen it a couple of times and have been asked to skip the Ads if you are not interested in watching.

I don’t think you have thought of it, why Ads show in the video is because advertisers are using that medium to advertise their business, using Google Adwords while Publishers who are also known as YouTube channel publishers are earning from the Ads when people watch the Ads videos.

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Now to start earning you need to join the YouTube Partner Program.

And to join you need to be eligible to start earning when you are :

  1. Over the age of 18yrs
  2. Must have more than 30,000 Subscribers for Channel memberships
  3. Must have Have more than 10,000 subscribers for the Merchandise shelf
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The above are important then you can start earning and cash out with Google Adsense.

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