If you stumbled on this article it means you are looking for how to make money online. And in this part of my article I will be introducing you to ways you can make money online just by connecting the right dots.

First you need to understand that making money online requires great commitment and consistency, that’s the key to make a lot of money Online. 

Below are the ways you can make Money Online 

  1. Affiliate Marketing 
  2. Blogging 
  3. Youtube Video Publishing
  4. Through Digital Skills
  5. Selling Ebooks
  6. Mobile App Monetization

These are the 6 ways you can make money online and I will be explaining the 6 ways you can make money online below.

  1. Affiliate Marketing is the most common way people make money online and it requires you partnering with any business or brand online and then using the referrer code given to you by the business to get commission when someone buys their product or performs an action with them. The special part is that you can work with so many brands of your choice and get commissions when people use your referral code.
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For example: As a Techie , I can sign up with 4-5 hosting companies and signup for their affiliate scheme and then promote them online with the referral and then get commissions for each purchase , when a user purchases a hosting plan or domain from them. That’s a nice way right? 

  1. Blogging : This is another common way to make money Online. What you need to do is to set-up a blog for yourself and then monetize the blog with an Ads platform like Google Adsense, if your blog is approved , Google starts showing ads on your website and you start earning money Online. Google Adsense pays their publishers every end of the month. Note that you will need to drive enough traffic to your blog in order to make more money online for each visit or clicks on ads via your website. 
  2. Youtube Publishing : This is another way to make money online and it requires you to upload meaningful videos that people will like and then when you meet up with the criteria for youtube monetization then you can start to make money online for ads shown on your videos on youtube. 
  3. Through Digital Skills: In this new age many digital skills have been sought after giving you an ability to make money online. Examples of digital skills that enable you to make money online are Digital marketing skill, Web / App Development skill, Content writer and so on. Contact Climaxbox to Learn a Digital Skill Today.
  4. Selling Ebook: If you are good at writing and sharing your knowledge then this is for you. You can create nice looking Ebooks and then sell to people online at your own price. 
  5. Mobile Application: Another nice way if you can create or hire someone to create an App that people can use. If you notice the App you download on your App stores have Ads in them. Those Ads revenue are been paid to the developers of the App. The two most common ways to monetize your App is Google Admob and Facebook App Monetization scheme. 
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I hope that with all that i have listed above, that you have learnt how you can make money Online in 2021. 

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