Dele Momodu, the publisher of Ovation International, has questioned why Igbos are being denied presidency and other key positions in Nigeria, including the position of IGP.

In a video shared online, he pointed out that no man will easily accept being treated that way in his own country.

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“How can anybody say an Igbo man cannot be president of Nigeria and I’ll accept it? Then it shows how brainless I am.

“If I’m the president of Nigeria today, I’d have turned South-East Nigeria into the hub, our own Silicon Valley.

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“These are people endowed. They’re as brilliant as the Chinese, the Koreans and the Inidans put together.

“We have them, why are we not using them?

“But because there was a civil war before, and we said we have forgiven ourselves, so you’ve forgiven yourselves but an Igbo man cannot become anything in Nigeria, cannot be President, cannot be trusted to be Inspector General of Police, why?” 

He added: “If you don’t trust them and they say they want to go, why are you then stopping them?”

He further mentioned that Igbos are doing great things in Nigeria and abroad yet have been denied key positions in Nigerian leadership.  

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Watch him speak in the video below.