Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Programme: Everything You Need To Know About it

The Turkiye Burslari scholarship is an international scholarship program offered and funded by the Turkish government. These scholarships are available to international students who wish to pursue higher education in Turkey at all academic levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs.

The parent organization ‘Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities’ administers these scholarships, which were re-launched in 2012. The goal of these scholarships is to increase mutual understanding between Turkey and other countries while also contributing to global knowledge through a people-oriented approach. These scholarships aim to produce a generation of international scholars who will produce viable solutions to their respective countries’ problems.

According to their official website, Turkiye Scholarships received 130 thousand applications in 2018. The number of applications for these prestigious scholarships has grown over the years, with students from all over the world applying. These scholarships not only provide financial assistance to applicants, but also guarantee their placement in Turkish universities in their intended programs. Apart from providing international scholars with a high-level academic experience, the scholarship also aims to allow students to reap the most benefits from social, cultural, and extra-curricular activities while in Turkey.

The scholarship includes the following awards:

Scholarship Programs for Undergraduates

  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program in Turkey for Africa
  • Turkiye Scholarships are available.
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program at the Bosphorus
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program for the Balkans
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program at Harran
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program for the Black Sea
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Turkish-Speaking Countries
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program in Anatolia

Scholarship Programs for Graduate Students

  • Ali Kuşçu Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology
  • bni Haldun Graduate Scholarship in Social Sciences

Scholarships for Branches

  • Scholarship Program for Medical Sciences bni Sina
  • Turkish Language Scholarship Program Yunus Emre
  • Scholarship Program for Islamic Studies

Scholarships for a Limited Time

  • Help the Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship Program for Success
  • Scholarships for Research
  • Scholarship for Vocational Training Ahilik

Is the scholarship for you?

The Turkiye Burslari scholarship offers international students and researchers the opportunity to receive free education at some of Turkey’s most prestigious institutions. After winning the scholarship, the Turkiye scholarship provides lucrative funding and student amenities to international scholars. The undergraduate degree scholarship includes a monthly stipend of 700 TL, tuition, a one-time return flight ticket, health insurance, housing, and a one-year Turkish language program. The scholarship for postgraduate and doctoral degree programs includes a monthly stipend ranging from 950 to 1400 TL, tuition, health insurance, housing, a one-time return flight ticket, and a one-year Turkish language program.

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