A Nigerian lady on Twitter has shared the story of how her friend felt betrayed by her boyfriend after rejecting his request to sleep over at his place.

The Twitter user with the handle @seyishae who seems to be a prominent user of the platform judged by the number of her followers recently shared the story of her colleague at work who got cheated on by her boyfriend when she refused to stay the night with him.

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According to the story, her friend had gone to her boyfriend’s place and was with him until around 9 pm when she decided to leave. Her boyfriend pleaded with her to stay the night which she refused.

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A little over an hour later, she returned to his place after having a change of mind but her boyfriend has already called another babe over for the night

“A colleague was telling me about how she left her mans house at 9pm after he already begged her to stay over but on getting home, she changed her mind and headed back to his crib. Got there 2mins past 10pm and baba already had a chick over

She cried all the way home. Men!. ,” she wrote.