Popular Ugandan musician, Cindu Sanyu has received backlash, after she called Nigerian Singer, Omah Lay an idiot for posting about his successful concert in the country

In reaction, Cindy, in a video shared on social media branded Omah Lay a ‘goat’ for posting about his successful concert in Uganda with fans going mask free and not observing social distancing at the event, and Nigerians have dragged her to filth for her statement.

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The Ugandan artiste has now taken to her Instagram page to reject the curses and the insults hurled at her by fans of the singer.

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In a post shared on Instagram page on Tuesday, December 15th, she wrote,

“Nobody has the right to come to my country and encourage the spread of corona no matter who you think you are.

“People are dying everyday and if you have any respect for human life you will stay home or sanitize and wear a mask in a crowded place.

“May all your curses and evil spells return to you in Jesus name Amen