Nzambi Matee opened are company in 2018 called Gjenge makers, Gjenge means build yourself Kenya Language.

And her company aims to build strong bricks out of plastic waste, which is a major waste that is widely seen at the dump site in Kenya.

According to Nzambi Matee an Entrepreneur, she wishes to do as currently the waste of plastic is 6 times of what she is been able to use in the dump site.

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An incubator company in the US as offered Nzambi Matee’s company $10,000 seed capital to scale her business, but this is still not enough compared to the number of waste.

However some researchers have claimed that using Plastic to produce bricks for roads is not really a good idea, because a lot of the things we do are already made with plastic and this would increase the effect of plastic in the environment.

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Nzambi Matee has been producing 1500 bricks per day and aims to produce more.

Nzambi Matee, sampled the strong bricks at her mother’s home.

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