Police said that Dejhanay Jarrell, 24, tossed her children, who were also naked, from a window before diving out herself during a horrendous incident in New York- she’s now been charged with attempted murder.

A naked mum who allegedly threw her newborn daughter and young son from an apartment building has been charged with attempted murder.

Police say, Dejhanay Jarrell, 24, tossed her children, who were also naked, from a window before diving out of it herself at about 11: 20 am on Saturday in New York.

She continued to stroke the infant’s head to the ground because she was ‘ tired of being by herself, according to local reports of the horrifying incident in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn.

Neighbour Carl Chin, 41, was said to have rushed to the scene in a frantic bid to save the children after watching the terrifying scene unfold.

The woman has now been charged with a string of violent offenses, including two counts of attempted murder.

The New York Post reports that Mr. Chin heard the thud of the baby hitting the ground before springing to action.

He said: ” When she [the mum] lands on the floor, she didn’t go unconscious. She was still aware. She grabbed hold of the two kids and proceeded to hurt them more.

He claimed she was banging the newborn’s head on the concrete and added that he ran out of his house, and ” jumped over the fence and struggled with her to take the newborn from her. “

He said: ” She had the baby in her grip, and I had to take the baby out of her grip and hold her until the police and paramedics came. As she was trying to hurt her children, and I was getting them out of her grip, she kind of thanked me and told me to take care of them.

” Then she proceeded to talk about how she was tired of being by herself. “

He told the paper he didn’t see ‘ any signs of anger and thought she hadn’t intended on hurting the children.

The New York Police Department said the little girl was taken to hospital in a critical condition while the woman and her son were taken elsewhere with non-life-threatening injuries.

Jarrell has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault, two counts of reckless endangerment, and acting in a manner dangerous to a child younger than 17, according to police.

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