Adjoaa Boateng, in a Facebook post, compared the situation with her Ghanaian native women and her experience in other cultures in the US.

She concluded that somebody’s son dating doesn’t mean he will pay for all the expenses of a lady. She further suggested that women would rather work hard to figure out that men are still exerting so much pressure on them.

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“I am so tired of hearing Ghanaian women complain about Ghanaian men being stingy. Dating someone’s son doesn’t mean they should pay for all your expenses. I noticed that this mindset only comes from us Ghanaian women and I do not blame them but rather our forefathers back then. Women are capable of doing anything they set their mind to. After living in America for 16 years i learned that the reason why most of the women abroad are even more successful than men is because they work hard and they do not rely on men. I think if Africans can do the same then men will respect us. You can’t put your burden on a young man who also has his own dreams and aspirations to fulfil. Men actually go through a lot of things more than us women. The only difference is men just do not talk about it. Men are actually under more pressure to succeed if y’all do not know. Thank you. Sincerely someone who honestly understand both genders.” She wrote

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